Pathology – Age Of Onset

Brutal death metal from California: this is what Pathology and their third "Age Of Onset" are offering to our ears. And the result is good and often different from many brutal slamming releases. Let’s start to say that the band was formed in the beginning of 2006 by the ex Cattle Decapitation Dave Astor and that now the new vocalist is the ex Disgorge Matti Way… just to let you know that we are not talking about a band of people without any experience. On the contrary; and it’s probably because of this that Pathology have reached a good level of personality. The real love for the “classic” brutal death standards is always evident (as it should be for every serial maniac around there): guttural and deep vocals, slamming blasts and so on… don’t worry, you will find all. But at the same time the band has been intelligent enough to add to the main dish a little touch of melody to diversify the final result. And it’s been a winning point. Don’t think about Decrepit Birth or Deeds Of Flesh, nothing of this: we are still in the pure guttural brutal underground but with few rare rays of light that makes this "Age Of Onset" more tasty than other releases.

1. Symptoms Of Bleeding
2. Age Of Sunset
3. Postmortem Dissection
4. Gestation Begins
5. Emesis
6. Cyst Excise
7. Rid The Womb
8. Zodiac Principles
9. Methods Thru Divination
10. Sect Of Malpractise

Comatose Music
Reviewer: Jacopo
Jul 16, 2009
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