Pathology - Pathology

Pathology have returned to decimate the world with their self-titled 9th album and you best beware, because this beast of a recording with pull you in and send your mind into oblivion. It seems that Pathology get heavier and heavier with each release. With every chord, blast beat, and vocal, these guys tear and shred at your sanity and leave you .wondering what in the hell just hit you. Yet, lurking in your last shred of sanity is that little spark that leaves you wanting more and more. Don’t you see? This is what Pathology does!

The riffs are sharp and piercing with a monstrous precision that the band has mastered over the years. This reminds me of a mixture of Aborted and Retch with a tad of traditional death metal to let you know that these guys have respect for those who laid the path they now tread. The drums have been a strong point of the band throughout the years. The showcase of talent on this release really speaks volumes as to how the band’s sound has progressed through the years and has become a dominating style imitated by many but equaled by none. The basslines on this release are about where they should be for the most part, with an occasional push to the forefront causing you to listen a little deeper and take in every aspect of this release. As far as the vocals go, you can’t really follow along with the lyrics in the booklet and usually I hate that but, hell, the sheer sickness of this release obliterates this minor flaw in mere seconds. This is the perfect vocal pattern for the flow of the music presented. You tie everything together and you have, what will be, one of the best brutal death metal albums of 2017.

This is a very solid release for the band. From beginning to end, they stay true to form in terms of what brutal death metal is all about. If you like Pathology’s previous releases, you will definitely love this one. There’s no filler or b.s. here, just straight forward insane aural punishment from one of the best bands in the business.

  1. Lamentation
  2. Dolorous
  3. Litany
  4. Servitors
  5. Dissevered
  6. Putrescent
  7. Doth
  8. Shudder
  9. Opprobrium
  10. Vermilion