Pathology - The Time Of Great Purification

Now let's see... What is the recipe for a great death metal album?

Umm... For start we'll need, sharp edge guitars playing cutting riffs simple enough to be memorable, and technical enough to draw attention, and of course spine breaking bass on top to make the whole thing, sound ten times stronger and more massive! What else? Let's see… guttural vocals, and to be more precise, a variety of guttural vocals. From grunts to growls and pig squeels and screeks and back again… We'll also need a drummer addicted to kerosene and other sort of fuel playing his ass off, combining tons of blastbeats with more mid tempo drumbeats and thrash beats! The whole drill has to go along with a brutal aspect on the visual part, meaning brutal layout-brutal name and brutal lyrics (the end of the world sounds nice for a lyrical content)! Last thing we need is four demented and xtra paranoid sickos able to pull that whole shit together!

Well, I believe if we could enter such coordinates on a presumable internet search engine, the result would lead us to San Diego, straight to Pathology! Oh yes fellows!! Those sick mofos from California have done it once again! "The Time Of Great Purification" is their 2012 release and it is a definitely 'MUST HAVE' for all death metal fans out there who respect their death metal archives!! For those who still have no impact with Pathology (are there any?), I just have to say that this one is a typical Pathology album. Full of blastbeats but also mid tempo parts that blend in with their rabid rhythms, making the shit stuff even more sick, with the metronome beater sometimes almost going crazy. I'd say a great album to get to know the band but also a great death metal album in general. For those of you who are aware of the beast from California, I have to say that you'll find "The Time Of Great Purification" just from were you left them on "Awaken To The Suffering" of 2011! Ready to devour your weak flesh and puke the remains of you in the shithole! Cos that is their job ladies... this is what they do and damn me... they are really good at it!!


  1. Imprisoned By Fear
  2. Tyrannical Decay
  3. Corporate Harvest
  4. Torment In Salvation
  5. Asphyxiation Through Consumption
  6. Remnats Of Freedom
  7. Dissection Of Origins
  8. Distored Conscious
  9. A Bleak Future
  10. Oppression By Faith
  11. Cultivating Humanity
  12. Earth's Downfall
  13. The Everlasting Plague