Patronymicon - All Daggers Towards The Sky

The first listening of the album reminds me of the evil speed albums since the beginning of black metal, even have some similar riffs and borrowing, also, perhaps, somewhere on the verge of death metal (including triplet blast beat).

It is believed that the true black metal should be primitive, cold and full of hatred. We can say that it is also present here, but the guys did not want to be primitive - there are melodics, but melodics is complementary, it is the same sinister and cold. In no case the music is less extreme, but on the contrary, it only profitably adds a sinister atmosphere and emphasizes aggressiveness.

This album, even from the first, listen pretty interesting. It is holding the attention. It stimulates the imagination - I, at least, while listening to was not in my cozy warm room, but wandered, probably in the dark visions inspired by the music.

Despite 20 years of Black Metal these guys are full of enthusiasm, which distinguishes them from some black metal bands that play as if by inertia, and believe that they have nothing to add, because for a long time it was all said. They also definitely have something to say, and they are quite capable to leave an entry in the book of anti-Christian black metal. So far, these guys took out their daggers and forwarded them toward the sky, and it does not look comically. Let's see what will happen next. In any case - well done, good luck and success. Keep it up.

  1. Balamuthia Mandrillaris
  2. World Closure
  3. Fortifications Failed
  4. The Great Pestilence
  5. Mourning Cold
  6. Unleash Hells Fire
  7. Age Of Contamination