Pedigree - Growing Apart

Embrace the power and devestation from this well established Estonian outfit. Pedigree has been kicking up dust in the underground since 1993. A unique band in the sense of how they mix different emotional aspects of music. Pedigree play heavy industrial, drawing notable influences from acts such as Helmet, Godflesh, Machines Of Loving Grace, Nine Inch Nails,Ministry and Entombed. The thick soupy abrasive sounds of industrial guitars, mixed with the hateful emotion of death metal, chaotic soundscapes of techno and trip hop, lay back-bone jarring rythm of doom. This is as heavy and as real as it gets. Heavy music for fans-by fans! A must have! Highly recommended.

1. Snake House
2. Heart In Your Hand
3. Skincrawler
4. Sun Damnation
5. Horses On Horizon
6. Deathmask
7. Formula For Freedom
8. Moments
9. Aluminium Sky
10. Empire Burns Black
11. Tower And Well
12. Final Heartbeat

Nailboard Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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