Perdition Temple - Sacraments Of Descension

"Sacraments Of Descension" is reminiscent of Perdition Temple's debut, with solid rhythms, production quality, vocals and mixing. The actual leads aren't as top notch as they were on the debut, but the rhythms overshadow that. So this is OK, but it's not going to be as good of a rating on here. The riffs are wholly original and in your face FAST! There isn't a song on here that isn't worthy of some sort of praise, just wish they left out the solos. Gene doesn't seem to be hacking it out 10 years later upon virtue of their first release. But he still came up with sick rhythm guitar-work. That I can respect absolutely. And catchy, too!

The vocals go along well with the music and these riffs are fresh. It's chapter 2 in their book not sure what their previous album was about. They were a 5-piece and was nothing at all like the first and this release. I actually chose not to review that one I'll just leave it alone. Every song on here is good rhythm/vocal wise. The ton of the guitars and the originality of the riffs, PERFECTION, indeed! The music is what stole it for me. Totally awesome riffs! It took a couple of rounds hearing this album before it really sunk in at hit home with me. I enjoyed this album immensely. Truly!

There's nothing bad to say about this release except (as previously mentioned) the lead guitar work. It just got a little sloppy. The rhythms definitely made up for it. Total originality in the respect! It's totally reminiscent of the first album. The tempos and guitar work as well as the vocals bring the listener back to the days where their debut hit home. I would venture to say that this is their 2nd best release to date. It's worth the wait (5 years) because it totally crushes. The music is what stole it for me and the overall sound was definitely there, too. I didn't miss out on anything here.

I would encourage you to take a listen on YouTube this album because it sounds like the first one just a little more polished in the rhythm department. From start to finish the intensity is really high! Fast, brutal, unrelenting and chaotic! They don't miss a beat here! I was taken aback by this band releasing one that sounded like the debut and this one is it! A good progression from their last. Let's just hope next time the leads are a little better. But the songwriting was immensely insurmountable. I few listens to and I don't doubt that you'll be blown away by this blackened death metal devastation! Check it out!

4.5 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Nemesis Obsecration
2. Desolation Usurper
3. Eternal Mountain
4. Devil's Countess
5. Crypts Of Massacre
6. Carnal Harvest
7. Red Reaping
8. Antichrist