Perverse Dependence - Gruesome Forms Of Distorted Libido

The Russian death metal scene seems to be ever expanding with the likes of Abominable Putridity and Scrambled Defuncts at the forefront and new to these ears, Perverse Dependence! This guys tick all the right boxes for me. They have slams/breakdowns. Check. They have gutturals. Check. And they have blastbests!! But do they deliever it well?

Well at first I thought the drums were a drum machine but that's not the case at all, but at times they sound a lil badly played over certain riffs, over triggered and very high in the mix. The guitars are very crunchy but if anything abit low in the mix. I would of most definitely had them alot higher to cut out the wish wash of the high cymbals of the drums. I think the bass got the best deal in the recording cause I can hear it laying down the groove of the whole CD which rocks! Vocally it's gutturals all the way, which I am a huge fan of, think Devourment and Artery Eruption and your there!

These guys draw influences from the U.S. as I said but more so in particularly Disgorge (U.S.) and of course Devourment. The thing I'm not so struck on is that for me because the drums are so high, it's becomes just a blur of drums and just becomes a very monotonous sound and with that, passes me by. The lyrical theme is aimed towards gore, murder that type of thing but to be honest nothing really stands out nor sucks the listener in. There are a few grooves here and there but I've heard it all before.

I reckon these guys have the ability to write a belter album, I just don't think they've mastered their art. Worth a listen though!

1. Raping for Gaping
2. Balls Inside Her Bowel
3. Felched Pus
4. Dressed and Fucked
5. Digging in the Entrails
6. Cumshooting the Dead
7. Choked with Maggots 
8. Emetic Copulation 
9. Pustulent Stench
10. Shit as a Lubricant
11. Fistfucked for Ten Bucks
12. Hermetically Packed Cunt
13. Fetid Fetish
14. Gloryhole Guillotine
15. Limbs Marinating in Sewage
16. Raped, Beaten and Pissed On (Outro)

SFC Records
Reviewer: Connor
Mar 22, 2010

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