Perversity - Ablaze

Ya gotta admit, the cover on this album is cool?! I thought so anyways. I was drawn to it and found myself studying it right up close. "Ablaze" is Perversity's fourth album and boy does it serve up some old school death metal by the bucketload!! The cover basically screams this at you a mile off. You'd be forgiven if you assumed that this was going to be just a 'regular' old school death metal release but it's far from it. I hear some old school Immolation vibes going on here as well as Morbid Angel and indeed Nocturnus. There is some crazy patterns going on here in the drums. Just listen to the guys feet!! In the guitars there is an unnerving discordance which echoes Immolation from their "Dawn Of Possession" era. It shocks me that these guys have been active since 95 but have only been releasing albums since '03. I believe I may have even shared a stage with these guys in Czech!

That saying these guys influences don't go beyond '96 so they very much embrace the 90s sounds and production ideas which I think they do fantastically! "Devoted To Perdition" is a real cruncher of a track which really harnesses their intensity to the full and really embraces some serious heaviness. They have used some recent death metal traits such as the gravity blast which I think they use to great effect and sparingly so. Whilst I find the songs interesting, they do have a tendency to go on just a tad too long which does make my attention wane alittle. I do like their use of piano which opens the album and serves

as interlude which caught my attention again to get my head bashed in by "Necrophiliac Beast". It's almost like a sick and twisted horror film and these guys are doing the soundtrack. Perhaps they set out to achieve this? Who knows? But it sounds good. Fans of the old and filthy styles of death metal be sure to check this out. Sick and twisted.

1. Reach Of Hell
2. Behind The Diabolical
3. Merciless Messiah
4. Hailing The Thieves Of Souls
5. Devoted To Perdition
6. Necrophiliac Beast
7. The Banished
8. Uzplanutie
9. Palace Of Skin
10. Blood Of Hastur
Reviewer: Connor
Apr 23, 2012
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