Pestifer - Demo 2006

The roots of this band is going back to 1998 but Pestifer created form in 2004 and this leaded to this 3 track demo. Pestifer plays death metal from the 90s as they like this period. The songs are up tempo with breakdowns with vocals range from guttueral to screaming. Guitars are riffing a bit the technical side of death metal. The whole atmosphere on this demo is what Death did in their time. The production could be better and the band should try to make a style of their own and not hide behind the face of liking and drinking a lo of beer. They have the ability to create the next recording on a higher level. And they should do that because what you hear now is not bad but a bit of something you know before.

1. Wrested From Saturn
2. Careinogenic Matter
3. Solstitium

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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