Pestifer – Execration Diatribes

“Execration Diatribes” is a scorching debut from Portugal three piece Pestifer. It’s intence, punishing slice of death metal fury.

After a short intro track the album erupts into 'Mars Exult' straight away bands like Hate Eternal and Krisiun come to mind. The tracks blasts past you like a hurricane. Pedro Silva’s vocals are delivered at bullet speed and just as frantic as his riffs. Things don’t let up for a second before second track 'Brutal Eruption Of Chaos' kicks in. Fast and furious as ever but with a super slow, sludgy section chucking the middle for good measure! 'Dark Dimensions' opening riff has a slight melodic twinge to it bringing to mind Monstrosity and has some blistering solo action. 'Awaken By Death' is more slow paced and doom laden. The riffs bring to mind Suffocation when they slow things down before picking things up again and resuming the madness. It’s fast and pummeling again for a time before an awesome slow break down section splits things up before leading to another solo section. The albums epic track, the 7 minute 'Riding The Storms Of Hate' begins with hail like drums before launching yet another attack. This is the albums centre piece and shows the potential oozing from this band.

It’s just a punishing album. While not the most original its execution is down to a tee. It’s just nonstop throughout. Nile, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Monstrosity all the greats come to mind while listening to this and this album sits among them quite comfortably.

Congratulations to Pestifer for delivering the first great death metal album of 2017. The bar has been set!

  1. March Of The Dead Orchestra
  2. Mars Exult
  3. Brutal Eruption Of Chaos
  4. Dark Dimensions
  5. Enslavement Of God
  6. Awaken By Death
  7. Nothing Remains
  8. Riding The Storms Of Hate MMXVI
  9. Confront Death