Pestifer - Execration Diatribes

Pestifer have unleashed hell upon us in the form of their debut full-length entitled “Execration Diatribes”. What you have here is a perfect example of what pure, unadulterated, and traditional death metal sounds like. Their sound transcends labels like old or new school as it blurs those lines like no other band I have heard. There are so many elements about this release I like, and I am quite sure that if any other metal heads out there decide to give this band and album a chance, they will feel the same way. Pestifer have been around since 2000 but didn’t release their demo until 2009. It took them another 8 years for them to bless us with this debut album. Anyone can speculate as to why this is, but I would like to think they spent a lot of this time perfecting their sound and playing ability.

The guitars on this release are as precise as the skills of a marksman and are played in such a devilish and deviant way, you would swear they are coming directly from the bowels of hell! It also sounds like things are ever so slightly technical where the riffs and such are concerned, but the dominance of traditionalism stakes its claim throughout this release. A lot of the guitar work on this release reminds me of bands like Brutality, Sinister, Monstrosity, Immolation, and old Cryptopsy. Now, if you combine that with the combined intensity of Slayer’s “Reign in Blood” and “South Of Heaven”, only then can you begin to understand the madness and insanity contained within these 9 tracks. The awesome production of the bass tracks gives an added “thickness” to the overall feel and sound to the songs. For me, this is one of the highlights of this release. The talent and skills of the drummer Diogo Pereira are some of the best outside of the United States and when you combine his talent with that of bassist Jorge Marinho and guitarist/vocalist Pedro Silva, a monstrous concoction is formed whose sole purpose in life is to infect hearts, minds, and souls with incantations with insanity inducing death metal.

One of the biggest things I noticed about this release is the lyrics and vocals. Pedro Silva does an excellent job with the enunciation of the lyrics, and his ability to do so adds a certain depth to his vocal delivery. With some international bands, there is a language barrier that prevents a band’s music from having the entire desired effect from happening. Even so, Mr. Silva has taken this barrier and tore it to the ground. His ability to do so, along with his desire and passion for these aspects of Pestifer’s music, commands respect and reverence. This is a release that every death metal fan should have in their collection just for the simple fact of its undeniable brutality alone. If the band keeps creating releases like this, there is no doubt that they will create a respected legacy in the metal underground.

  1. March Of The Dead Orchestra
  2. Mars Exult
  3. Brutal Eruption Of Chaos
  4. Dark Dimensions
  5. Enslavement Of God
  6. Awaken By Death
  7. Nothing Remains
  8. Riding The Storms Of Hate MMXVI
  9. Confront Death

Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 27, 2017

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