Pestifer - Reaching The Void

Witness Of The Loss
Mostly the way to a man’s stomach is through his delightful taste buds, however for me – I feed on a frenzy of death metal! – and this track leaves me well satisfied, rubbing my belly for a repeat course! The hostile essences will engulf and swallow you whole whilst the vocal insurgence rabidly captures the moment to a barrage of drums and rampaging riffs that are more than keen to whet the hungry appetite!

Exiled To The Abyss
Is rather gnarly in its technical onslaught as it batters and bruises with intent to inflict its rhythmic encounters straight and directly to the aural matter! It energetically protrudes through an evil path of madness, using sculptured stringed arrangements and gruesome vocal endeavour.

Sounding like someone is possessed by a demon, ebbing and flowing into a maelstrom of pure demonic madness, as I of course devilishly expected! It jangles vehemently through its forked tongue tempered by a dark potent encounter.

Tree Of Thorns
The twisted adventure continues uniting its passion in a scathing and resourceful energy that sonically teases in a menacing fury. The death defying swagger of rhythmic provocation swirls around the brawling beats and harsh riffs a plenty.

Crafted by yet more creative ingenuity that stomps through with large bloody footprints. Its fast paced melee of beats intimidate as they batter their way into the audial canal in an impressive feat of turbulence. The antagonistic vocal content is simply mesmerising.

Seductive and with certain provocative grooves that ooze with muscle bound intensity and grow ever succulent with each bite of its gnashing teeth!

Within The Void
Awakens its bloodshot eyes in an enticing and overwhelming power struggle to capture its audience – audience you have no chance here – just give up and succumb to its mastery! The vocals paint a powerful picture whilst the accompanying music creates an ambient persuasion of fiercely contagious melody.

The Earthling Chronicles
With rhythms framing an evil swagger of creative presence this track engages on all levels and climbs to its peak and then slightly drops leaving you in a frustrated frame of mind but don’t worry the guitars will fulfill your every whim.

Orbital Failure
Plenty of dark and demonic ambiance can be felt through-out this muscular structure which shows the bands diversity to be ever changing. It draws attention to its sinister gait with mesmerizing beauty and strong qualities.

Positronic Symphony
Let the frenzy continue right up to the very end of this savage musical offering. Its slower moments serve to be the predatory force held within its mighty structure of monumental wickedness! The guitars will have you salivating alone as they compel with an intense and sinister ambiance that is more than just boisterous, but blitzing!

This album is a feast for hungry ears – its table literally brims with the finest death metal dishes for ravenous metal heads!  Its metal treats are irresistible, so much so you will be going back for seconds! The tracks are creative and highly engaging on all levels, with choppy riffs helped along with meaty bass hooks! Seductive and with certain provocative grooves that ooze with muscle bound intensity and grow ever succulent with each bite of its gnashing teeth! Most definitely a savage and carnivorous portion with lashings of lingering addiction fuelling with a severe and corrosive appeal.

  1. Witness Of The Loss
  2. Exiled To The Abyss
  3. Sarcophaga
  4. Tree Of Thorns
  5. Abominations
  6. Within The Void
  7. The Earthling Chronicles
  8. Orbital Failure
  9. Positronic Symphony