Peter Pan Speedrock - Lucky Bastards

Coming from my hometown Eindhoven but hearing them for the first time, after hearing some notorious scene reports about PPS. After the instrumental opener it is clear that this is well oiled metal rock 'n' roll trio. RnR with sidesteps to punkrock and Motorhead. Vocals sound a bit too clear because it might have been a bit more dirtier. I like the guitarriffs and the filthy leads. I think that this band better can be experienced live to feel their impact.

1. Surfwrecker
2. Go satan go
3. Killerspeed
4. Back in the city
5. Knucleboys
6. Dead end
7. Twist of fate
8. Smokin’ ass
9. Black beauty ‘69
10. Always drunk, always loud, always right!
11. Lone star city
12. Lucky bastards
13. Bitch on wheels

Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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