Phallosopher – [I]

What do you say to me? Jesse Heikkinen, guitarist of Hexvessel released an album solo?

Better known for his psychedelic musical contribution, Jesse H. embarks us to a black death metal trip, which is called Phallosopher (no joke please) and an album titled “[I]”. As we know the deep addiction of all Finnish guy for music and especially for death metal style that should not be a surprise. As you have surely understood, I am still at the land of the 1000 lakes with this musical experimentation and its author is far away of its usual base. However, is it boredom, desire to move on, to fill his free time or whatsoever due to this pandemic? The question remains unanswered! Is it a one way ticket, a musical concept to be develop? We do not know nothing about it at this moment. So let us focus more on this album after these personal thoughts.

Well, really difficult to be objective, at the first listening my first impression was not an enthusiastic one. It is clearly not an astonishing musical revelation and my ears did not prick up as i would like. Nevertheless, if subjectivity rules this boring world, i will try to have an objective sight in order to appreciate or not this album. No need to deny the fact that many listeners will feel frustrated and this music will not belong to my hall of fame. I am obliged to be a tough marker of the band.
In fact during my successive hearings, some tracks are very musically surprising and sound good although half of them are totally rubbished and just deserve to be thrown into the thrash bin. It means all my disappointed thought about the material.

Technically clean, sounding good, but it is the usual Finnish trademark, the album remains a tough sketch of what Jesse H. wants or can express. He gives us seated snippets of what could make a great whole. I am like a blind man, lost in a thick fog in search of the light. This music strives to make us loose our way, i lost mine! Each song is a reset of counters and we depart on opposite paths, without real framework. Disconcerting but sometimes also fun.

However, half of a LP gives an EP, not much to remember, too many unfinished or wrong tracks although the artist owns a real potential, but either the Finnish cold winter froze his fingers and brain or it is just a crash test concept to drive out the boredom of this pandemic!

Then what to remind from this album? Unfortunately few things, just some questions remaining unanswered. Scam, genius, idling? Everyone wil get his own point of view after listen it.

2 / 5 STARS

Reviewer: Ian Rache Nor

Apr 30, 2021

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Phallosopher – [I]

review Phallosopher - [I]

1. Death Is The Crown Of All
2. I-Phallo-O-Sopher
3. Bring Me The Head Of Your Prophet
4. What Have You Buried In Here
5. Malkuthian Cunt
6. Black Light Of Creation
7. Death Is The King And The King Has Returned
8. Night Of Pan
9. Whore And The Beast


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