Phalogore - Child Burner

As a father of two kids I don't have any affinity with this album title. But also able to put into perspective, I am not offended by this. Phalogore is a three piece grind Colombian based band with a drummachine. Because of this, the beats are very tight and sometimes too machinery. Tempo of the songs is fast and the guitars are hacking and sawing through but never a frenzy lead. And on top of that there is this lovely voice, totally sick. This is a release that is for the real extreme metal freaks.

1. Chainsaw Mutilation
2. Extraction of Fetal Pieces
3. Intestinal Delights
4. Dismembered Limbs on the Ground
5. Vaginal Fluids Down Your Legs
6. Blood Covered
7. Oral Confessions
8. Phalogore
9. The Pleasure of Torture
10. Putrefaction of the Mind
11. Child Burner
12. The New Age of Decadence
13. Brutal Homophobic Rape
14. One by One + Bonus Track

Brutalized Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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