Phenris - Promo 2008

Phenris, a band from Italy, that plays Symphonic Black Metal. They have been active since 2000 but according to their site (myspace) they have had a lot of trouble with loads of line-up changes. This is their 2008 promo, which includes 2 songs called “Black” and “Gravefields” with a length of 13 minutes. The first song is “Black” it starts out with an intro, some blowing winds and some thunder. Then the song starts, symphonic synthesizers, and some riffing in high speed. The fast parts of this song are cool, nothing to fancy but very enjoyable. Unfortunately the slower parts of this song are very boring and the song lasts to long with to little diversity (for the song length). The second song is called “Gravefields” and is better than the first song. It starts out with a quite cool piano part and then evolves into a nice and slow melody. The riffing in this song isn’t very original, but it’s catchy which helps this song a lot. The synthesizers are mainly used to create atmosphere in this song, which wasn’t the case in “Black”, which gives this song a better feeling. The drumming is not to impressive, but I do like the vocals. The production on this promo is not bad, everything is quite audible and the production overall is pretty clear.

Not bad on the fast parts, boring on the slow parts, that sums it up. This band needs to develop themselves some better songwriting and if they use the synthesizers more for atmosphere this could turn out well. As for now, keep practicing boys. I will be looking out to hear your next demo.

1. Gravefields
2. Black

Self released
Reviewer: frans
Feb 26, 2009
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