Pig Destroyer - Book Burner

Pig Destroyer is from Washington, DC, Va and MD. This is theirĀ  fifth full length release. A plethora of songs have been released by this band in short bursts of sheer madness. Shoving everything you hate about society into a soundscape of your everyday life. Loathing that cup of coffee in your hand wishing you could quit ciggarettes. Get in your car, grip the steering wheel and shove this record into your cd player. Hold tight becaues there will be lots and lots of head banging and metal horns being raised.

You know how you hate your boss, can't go out or buy cd's cause you don't have enough money, old lady constantly nagging you to get a better career. Well cram that utter loathsome rage of a worthless existence into a 32 minute sound track and you got Book Burner. Pissed off beyond belief. Straight up rips your face off from the begining. So first before you listen make sure the dog is put away so he doesn't eat your face when its torn off. You'll crawl through the mud and grin and bear the barb wire beneath you as you crawl. Constantly being randomly stabbed by fierce razor chords. No one is straining here on vocals. Bellowing out an onslaught of vocal attacks. Guest vocals by Katherin Katz (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, ex-Salome). All patterns and tones fit the script beyond well. Drums constantly pummeling you and dragging you into the next section with ridiculous fills. If you ever write a "get well card" you should address it to Adam Jarvis's (Misery Index) snare. His constant mixture of d-beats, rolling Crytopsy esque (Once Was Not) double bass tone, blistering rolls, insanely fast and on point blasting and cymbal work, will never make you bored. Feeling like your driving a tank over the dead at times. Then bouncing against the walls in a "Demolition Man" type world, in some steel sphere from Mega Man with death spikes on the exterior. Ripping through the flesh of its victims as it scours the surfaces of the earth. Forever crawling through this S we call existence but never ever stopping. Defeat is not an option. Slowly crushing buildings in your MecWarrior suit with Slayer on in the background. A full spectrum of influences bleed through this record. So eclecticly and structured so well to keep you consistently keeping your brain active. Now if you catch your self two stepping or one man mosh pitting in your living room... it's OK. I just did it twice in the same evening.

I have never been one to sit down and listen to Pig Destroyer. I have very much respected musician friends of mine that love them but I still never paid too much attention to them. I started browsing their collection today when all of a sudden I noticed NPR posted up a link of the album streaming (Thank You Lars Gotrich and Scott Hull). I was absolutely blown away. I'm beyond impressed how all the instruments are not only relentless but how the entire record is fresh. Do not pass up this record. One of the top ten records of 2012, hands down. Pig Destroyer, you have a new fan.


  1. Sis
  2. The American's Head
  3. The Underground Man
  4. Eve
  5. Diplomat
  6. All Seeing Eye
  7. Valley Of The Geysers
  8. Book Burner
  9. Machiavellian
  10. Baltimore Strangler
  11. White Lady
  12. The Bug
  13. Iron Drunk
  14. Burning Palm
  15. Dirty Knife
  16. Totaled
  17. Kamikaze Heart
  18. King Of Clubs
  19. Permanent Funeral