Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb

It took Pig Destroyer 3 years after their 2004 release "Terrifyer" to come up with a follower. Now "Phantom Limb" see the light and containing 15 tracks and nice cover artwork. Don't expect some fanciness or solid polish metal but pure nihilistic and energetic grind metal. Blasting drums of Brian but also groove mid parts with flesh scraping guitars of Scott and the raw rasping vocals of J.R.. This time band add Blake to the line up and he is adding samples to the songs. Don't know if he is responsable for the last and untitled track as that is an anti climax of the album. 7 Minutes recording of sitting on a veranda and listening to some radio and crickets. But that apartt he album offers aggression in music and lyrics.

1. Rotten Yellow
2. Jupiter's Eye
3. Deathripper
4. Throught Crime Spree
5. Cemeterey Road
6. Lesser Animal
7. Phantom Limb
8. Loathsome
9. Heathen Temple
10. Fourth Degree Burns
11. Alexandria
12. Girl In The Slayer Jacket
13. Waist Deep In Ash
14. The Machete Twins
15. Untitled

Relapse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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