Pigmy Love Circus - The Power Of Beef

Pigmy Love Circus maybe not well known to the big audience but there drummer is. He is the drummer of Tool but stayed true to PLC. PLC plays rock with a nasty attitude. No fancy musical exposures but forward and dirty as a pig in the mud. Very simplistic songs that will do fine in a motorcycle rockbar with your hands full of beerbottles. Nothing more nothing less.

1. Livin’ like shit
2. Drug run to fontana
3. Swamp creature
4. Bone orchard
5. Pistolero sleep
6. Bad luck
7. Murderer
8. Highway man
9. Headless horseman
10. 12 Gauge kiss
11. Madhouse clown

Go-Kart Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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