Pirana - Destructive Animal Revolution

"Destructive Animal Revolution" saw the dark light of day on December 12th. 2008 and was released by American Line Productions. Seems like Mexico is ready to attack the Metal scene with hidden treasures like Pirana. The band offers furious and merciless Thrash Metal which reminds me of Legion Of The Damned or Kreator during their "Coma Of Souls" era. These guys know how to handle their instruments and how to materialize their ideas. The lyrics deal with violence, war and death mainly which fits the aggressive style very well. The clear recording quality is also great and is comparable with almost any international standard, even if "Destructive Animal Revolution" breathes the dirt of the underground. This album is surely of prime importance and like a welcome breeze of fresh air for the Mexican Thrash Metal scene. It owns this raw energy that some bands lost during their years of existence and kicks your fat and spoilt asses right into a swamp of destructive forces and brilliant metallic warlust. If you´re a Thrash Metal lunatic you should check this great band out. Don´t hesitate to get your copy.

1. We Will Bite Your Brain (Intro)
2. Smoking With Hellstorm
3. I´m The Metal Machine
4. The Arsonist
5. Black Spiral Dance
6. The Last Supper… Before
7. God Killer
8. Sodomist Pig
9. Living Bomb
10. Aim And Fire
11. Satanic Candy
12. To Be Continued (Outro)
American Line Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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