Place Vendome - Place Vendome

Debut album from Place Vendome featuring Michael Kiske (ex Helloween) on vocals and members of Pink Cream 69 and Vandenplas handling instuments. The style: melodic hard rock with some influences of symphonic and heavy metal. This CD is at times very vocal-oriented with emphasis on chorusses and layered vocalstructures. Voice varies in range and emotion from despressed to victorious or powerfull. Songstructures are rather straightforward and also leave room for leading guitarparts, virtuous solos or catchy riffs supported by strong rhythym section. The presence of keyboards, reverbing solos and background vocals create extra dynamics and an epic touch now and then. Balanced disk with much variation and some strong songs and definitely adding something to the genre of melodic hardrock...

1. Cross the line
2. I will be waiting
3. Too late
4. I will be gone
5. The setting sun
6. Place Vendome
7. Heavens door
8. Right here
9. Magic carpet ride
10. Sign of the times

Frontiers Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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