Plague Years - Circle Of Darkness

The band is way young and already kicking ass! Fresh riffs and solid sound these guys put together some killer thrash metal. The whole album is super-charged. I was really impressed with their musicianship. They really are in their own with their sound. The vocals are petty hoarse and sound well intertwined with the guitars. Plus, the sound quality is top notch. The guitars are pinnacle to the album. I like them the most out of the whole album. They really know how to pack a punch to this one. The tempos vary but are necessary to a versatile release. This band formed pretty recently to have something like this dominating.

The sound quality here is top notch and the guitars are pretty original sounding and well thought out. The vocals make this release sound heavier. But still the guitars are quite thrash-filled. The leads are pretty good as well. Usually, newer bands can't hack it the first time around on lead but Plague Years disproves my theory. And the songwriting is top notch as well. One of the best releases of this year in the thrash metal category! I was blown away when I heard this. They're anything but amateurs. The only thing that I didn't like as much were to voice efforts. They sound a little like Warbringer but not completely. That's my only beef.

The production sound and recording was immaculate. I liked this from start to finish. It was filled with energy! And the riffs were pretty original to say the least. I really liked this album a lot. They have so much to offer. I hope that they stick around for a long time. The music like I said was the highlight to this release. It just blew me away hands down. The musicianship was top notch. This band is way likable to any metal fan, they would have to hear this to maybe in agreement with. They only reason like I said the drawback were the vocals. They were too hoarse for my taste. But otherwise, at least they fit with the sound.

I heard this first on digital and then I was so impressed with it that I bought it on Amazon. I'm an old timer that still collects CD's. But that doesn't make me like metal any less. So yeah, check out some videos on YouTube. They have some official videos on there that's when I first heard them. I made sure first to have the digital copy to hear the whole album and I liked it enough to buy it. The whole thing is good from start to finish. Brutal vocals, wicked rhythms, solid drum beats and terrific recording quality. I will continue to like this even when I wear the album out! Get to hearing this!

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Play The Victim
2. Witness Hell
3. Paradox Of Death
4. Eternal Fire
5. Circle Of Darkness
6. Evil One
7. Incantation
9. World In Blood
10. Urge To Kill