Pleroms Gate - Pass The Gate Of Pleroma

Ethnic Extreme Metal or Freestyle Melodramatic Popular Song - Gospel hmm not sure I understnad what this means but this is how this Polish quartet term themselves with their debut album "Pass The Gate Of Pleroma". I will definately state that this album is unique and grabs from various styles taking industrial hints and blending it with noise influece mixed with what sounds like Middle Eastern sounds with a touch of death. New and power metal maybe some alt. pop jumps in amoungst many other musicial influences. At times this album can sound alittle uncordinated but these offbeats and unexpected changes with surprizing riffs here and there are all intentional and is what makes "Pass The Gate of Pleroma" a very individualistic piece of work. This debut album may not be for the masses but it is here for those who dare to try something alittle different and who seek out that which is bizarre.

1. The Great Panspermia
2. Ipsos
3. Skinwalkers
4. Dead Shall Rise (Terrorizer Cover)
5. Rise to the Glory (Bonus Track) (In Memory of Quorthon Seth)
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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