Pneuma Hagion - Voidgazer

Unfortunately, this name of the Pneuma Hagion is unknown to me; infernal creature created by the mysterious "R" who since the beginning of its incarnation (2015) deals with all the tools. Only in 2019 he is be joined by the one who still resists today as a drummer. 5 years.. 3 demos, 2 splits, an EP, a compilation released in 2018 (I think it contains all three first demos) and finally this "Voidgazer" which will be for our "Holy Spirit" (Pneuma Hagion Greek translation) the their first official long distance debut.

In just 27 minutes, the band manages to encompass all the wickedness and majesty of good old death / black metal that has long been missing. Certainly it would make much more important bands tremble and marry under big labels.

Since the opener 'Aeons Of Slumber', Pneuma Hagion pushes to catapult us into the most absolute void, prey to our fears and convulsions. Hypnotic and pounding drumming like torture. Deep and incisive voice that support the total wall of sound created by the guitars.

'Summoning', 'The Black Light' and the subsequent 'Timeless Darkness' leave no respite and it's like finding yourself in a hellish circle from which it is impossible to escape.

If you are looking for a little break in this work, you will not find it. Also because with the following 'Anticosmic Incantations' there are no ways out.
9 pieces, 27 minutes and then the end... of everything!

I was really impressed with this album. "Voidgazer" will soon be released under the protective wings of Nuclear War Now! Productions. We hope there will be a good distribution to make this album reach all our homes. To have without compromise!!

5 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Aeons Of Slumber
2. Summoning
3. The Black Light
4. Timeless Darkness
5. Anticosmic Incantations
6. Febrile Dreams
7. Gates To Worlds Beyond
8. Drawn Down From The Stars
9. Primordial