Pogost - ...From the Eternal Chaos

‘…From Eternal Chaos’ is the debut album by the Russian band Pogost which was released back in 2008 through Assault Rex.

Pogost performs straight forward Black Metal with lo-fi guitars, and thick bass sounds. Unlike most bands of the same genre, Pogost have their own distinguishable sound and most tracks vary from one to another and all of them have a good tempo change. Primitive and yet chunky guitar sounds, good drumming, classical bass lines, and sheering vocals –this album has quite an old school feel which reminds me of Darkthrone especially during the demo times. On occasions, instrumental sessions also take part in few songs. Speaking of instrumentals, the album contains one good instrumentals entitled ‘Children Of the Grave’. The song is well made and so with the sound however it doesn’t sound that it belongs to the album since the productions sounds a bit different. As well, the atmosphere emitted from the same performance is almost cheerful and I don’t see the song title ‘fit’ with the same music.

As well, I should exclude mentioning that Pogost reminds me a bit of the young and defunct Ukrainian band ‘Great Horn’ (especially the vocals). I am sure that most listeners are not familiar with this band, but some Slavic people might be familiar…!

‘…From Eternal Chaos’ is a good album but nothing outstanding sadly; and to an extent it may sound a bit tiring for the ears. However on the other hand, some people may enjoy this one clearly out loud!

1. Silentium   
2. Sense Of Truth   
3. Misanthrope   
4. I’m Dying   
5. The Truth   
6. Children Of The Grave   
7. The Punishment Of The Earth   
8. The Dark   
9. Warriors Of Pure Hate   
10. Dead Jesus

Assault Rex / The Howl
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010
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