Poobah - Steamroller

This is actually a re-release of this 1979 underground independent release from Poobah (U.S.A.). Psychedelic 70's hard rock with basic groove and rock rhythyms and lots of hypnotizing guitar solos and mindwarping riffs. Creative drumming, virtuous instrumenthandling, inventive songstructures and typical 70's hippie vocals keep this kind of music very much alive nowadays. Grab your psychedelics and jump thru the golden ring into a retrospective of early psychedelic stonerrock.

1. Jump thru the golden ring
2. Integrated circuit
3. You don't love me
4. She's that kind of lover
5. Steamroller
6. Atom Bomb
7. Frustration
8. Don't change
9. Rock and Roll
10. Mr Destroyer (live)
11. You don't love me (live)
12. Jump thru the golden ring (live)
13. Steamroller (live)

Monster Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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