Pop-A-Squat - Inhale The Stench

Pop-A-Squat are all about weed, bitches and poop.... or that is what you can read on the website of Splatter Zombie Records. What we have here are several psychos from the Los Angeles area who release their debut stench upon the poor world. Expect nothing less but perversed porno/goregrind with all its familiar smelly ingredients. This means drums that sound like cans (on most of the tracks), low-tuned guitars and animal grunting. There are mid-tempo dance hits (and I don't mean disco by that) like 'La Pinata Tiene Caca' as well as short and grinding bursts like 'Queef'. Strangely the sound quality differs on different tracks and some have pretty annoying garage sounding. The obligatory intro samples are present of course, some of them are really funny (if you have a more specific sense of humour at least). In case you like this type of music then it's not a bad idea to inhale this particular stench. Pop-A-Squat are nothing new in the smelly world of porno/goregrind but at least the fun is guaranteed with this type of bands.

  1. Inhale The Stench
  2. Grinded & Burned To Shreds
  3. No Que Muy salsas
  4. Pop-A-Squat
  5. Queef
  6. Aversion
  7. La Pinata Tiene Caca
  8. Green, Kief & Hash
  9. Down & Dirty w_ Jennette McCurdy
  10. No Fat Bitches
  11. Hairy Peaches
  12. Submission Is Our Mission
  13. Prop215
  14. Portoparty
  15. Defecated Edibles
  16. Apodyopsis
  17. Dankruptsy
  18. Down & Dirty w/ Jennette McCurdy (Version From 2014)
  19. Hairy Peaches (Version From 2014)