Portall - Code Black

After the releases of 3 demos in the past few years “Code black” is the very first full length release of this Dutch Thrash Metal outfit. Razor sharp straight-to-your-face riffing meets some melodic parts and also a few Death Metal influences. No doubt: the guys know how to materialize their vision into cool songs with recognition value. Being obviously inspired by Kreator, Slayer and Machine Head, the band also adds some The Haunted-like components to their sound. The vocals are a hybrid of typical Thrash Metal shouting and Gorefest during their “Chapter 13” period. The result is a great album with independent ideas and songs with lots to discover like the fantastic lead guitars or the unpredictable melodic details. This nice musical cocktail is well-produced and will surely find new friends within the Thrash Metal scene. Well done, guys.

1. Left For Dead
2. Code Black
3. Silenced
4. In Memoriam
5. Mind On Fire
6. Where Vultures Feast
7. I Prevail
8. Act Of Killing
9. Tongue Of The Snake
10. The Premier Plague
Under Her Black Wings
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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