Pothead - Skunk Fiction: The Tales From Žižkov

The bizarre genre-smashers that are Pothead from Czech Republic enlist an almighty array of goregrind anthems to their early 2020 release that is creatively titled, 'Skunk Fiction: The Tales From Žižkov'. Whilst the genre of goregrind is rarely taken seriously in the world of grindcore, there have been few exceptions to breaking the mould with such bands from this lineup. That of which are bands such as Gutalax, Rectal Smegma, Serrabulho... and so on. The ludicrous factor being a common denominator of course. Pothead follow suit to these speculated peers whilst adding elements of hip-hop, rap and dance to the final product, therefore crafting what I could only describe as ADHD in a somewhat melody formation.

The trashcan styled drums being the only simplified aspect of the album's totality, whilst everything else provided here is oddly unique and highly entertaining. Everything from the bottom-burp vocals to the slick rapping, crusty thick grindcore based riffs - all finished off with a production worth bragging about. The comedy approach of 'Love Song' offers a refreshing take, with a catchy chorus, whilst the also amusingly titled 'I Tried To Pay For McDonald's With A Bag Of Weed', boasts of goregrind's finest moments including bull-frog styled vocals over thunderous and unforgettable riffs.

Uncertain whether the song titles relate, but definitely the album artwork and perhaps some of the samples within all resonate towards the theme of Grand Theft Auto. A concept not often approached by bands, which becomes refreshing to see the genre stray from the usual gore (and more) trends that are usually attached to this sorta stuff. A combination of promising album production, diverse vocal variations as well as the genre mashup all complete what I could describe as the best goregrind album out this year.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Back In Tha Town
2. She's Blowing Weedbranch Like A Horny Teenage Slut
3. See Weed In Your Eyes
4. I Tried To Pay For Mcdonald's With Bag Of Weed
5. Froghead's Mushroom Misery (feat. Froghead)
6. I Traded A $160K Stolen Diamond For $20 Worth Of Weed
7. Men In Green
8. Rafael Caro Quintero (feat. Erwin S.M.E.S.)
9. Žižkov Killa (feat. Desade)
10. Faster Than The Kick In After The First Blunt Bluff
11. Love Song
12. Ganjakuza Jointatoo
13. Land Of Death (feat. Scum & Bizzka)