Prejudice - Megalomanic Infest

Are you ready for a mindblowing trip into the spheres of musical extremity? Then sit back, relax and continue to read…

Belgiums Prejudice is active since 1993 and a known name in the world wide underground scene. They already released 2 demos back in 1994 and 1996 as well as 3 full length albums and a 3 Way Split CD with Carnal Decay from Switzerland and Infant Bile from the UK. “Megalomanic Infest” is the bands first release after a break of three years. If you know their previous releases you know what to expect: Brutal and progressive Death Metal with multi-facetted and sometimes hectic guitar parts always as close to a technical overkill that one´s jaw will hit the ground. The dark growling vocalist spreads lyrics about society, politics, death and religion. These dudes really have something to say and it´s not just the accustomed blood and gore stuff. “Megalomanic Infest” is also a lesson for every drummer. Intensive double bass components turn into raging blast beats with almost inhuman precision. The Death coversong “Lack Of Comprehension” is a nice addition to this awesome album, but regrettably it´s a bit too fast, which ruins the feeling of the original. The short instrumental track “Stigmatized - Impassive” allows the listener to take a breath before the next storm of riffs crushes out of the speakers. Prejudice definitely outo themselves with “Megalomanic Infest” and their tunes are certainly suitable for the ears of fans of such acts as Deeds Of Flesh, Cryptopsy or Dying Fetus. I wonder how much technical and progressive elements their next release will contain. Hopefully it won´t be too counterintuitive, but as well-balanced as this excellent piece of extremity.



  1. Improved Chaos

  2. Exanimate

  3. Compulsive Leech

  4. Beneath The Flesh

  5. Lack Of Comprehension (cover Death)

  6. Stigmatized - Impassive

  7. Terminal

  8. Profane

  9. Darkened

  10. Prejudice

  11. Die!

Sleaszy Rider
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 29, 2009

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