Pressor - Weird Things

The band Pressor is from Kostroma in Russia and consists of: Stas and Anton on guitars and vocals, Dennis on bass and don’t forget Danya the drummer.

In 2008 they started with a different line up then they have today. During that time they were considered as a funeral and doom/death metal band. But after a few changes, for example in their line up they moved towards the direction of a stoned sludge doom band. With that the band changed their name to Pressor.

2012 was the year they released their first EP named “Grave Full Of Weed”. Followed in 2013 the split album “Pressor/Diazepam/Soom”. After a few years of touring the club circuit’s of Russia they produced a single known as “Tripping Deep”, which can also be found on the EP "Weird Things" that came out in 2018. This new EP has only 4 songs of which 'Tripping Deep' already takes almost 10 minutes of the total 28 minutes playing time.

To be honest, the review of this EP was hard for me, mainly because I didn’t know anything about this so called sludge scene. Therefor I had to listen to their music several times over and over again to give my best opinion.

There are a few positive things: some pieces of the songs are good. For example, I like the way 'Weird Things' starts off as a punk/rock song. Beside that I also like the way they play, it’s nice and very good. But overall I lost interest too often. An example of the points where they lost me are in case of 'Hexadecimal Unified Insanity'. At the end of this song there was almost a minute long of scratching! And in the beginning of 'Heavy State' due to the overload of keyboards usage.

If you’re a fan of sludge/doom metal then you totally have to check these guys out. But for me maybe it would only be appealing after eating a few mushrooms, smoking weed or drinking a few cases of beer.


1. Heavy State
2. Weird Things
3. Tripping Deep
4. Hexadecimal Unified Insanity