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This band describes themselves as an modern thrash metal band and their lyrics are about what frustrates them in this world. Although they don’t see themselves as a political band, they just want to play music as they see it. After finding a stable line in 2014 the five members of the Belgian band Primal Creation went to create and release their first album "Demockracy" in 2017. This album earned them a spot as an opener for some big thrash metal bands and after a lot of hard work Primal Creation won the Belgian Metal Battle and went to Wacken Open Air in 2019. In 2020 the band released a single "Viral Play" they describe this single a step upwards to a more progressive and twisted sound while still retaining their thrash roots.

Fast forward to 2021, Primal Creation released their second album "News Feed". The biggest issue with recording was not Covid, but the fact that the singer (Koen) broke his hip. But after a long recovery and creating an album the band is fully back in business and they cannot wait to perform live again.

With an intro as an opening the album starts with 'Extremely Dangerous' followed by the second song. 'A Post-Truth Order' begins immediately with guitars and drums followed by vocals, the guitars and drums are playing a very groovy rhythm followed by a melodic part. The alternation between these tho parts combined with the raw and aggressive vocals are creating an killer first part of the song. The rest of the song continuous very steady until there is a small breakdown followed by awesome guitar playing and combined vocals. After that the final part of the song begins with a music only outro.

'Please Disperse' starts with vocals but after that it is followed by classic thrash mayhem. This is one of the songs you need to listen to if you are sleepy, it will instantly wake you up. There is a shift in this song between old school and modern thrash metal parts, the combination is very interesting and it works good in this song. The vocal part of this song is also interesting there is a change between raw/brutal vocals and clean vocals in this song. It plays a very important role in my opinion because to me it feels like it is more creating a feeling what this song is about. I also can recommend watching the lyric video because they lyrics in this song are very interesting and very well written because it will make you think about certain topics in our society.

Another song that is like on this album is the song 'Follow The Reader'. It has an intro with drums and guitars, it is interesting to hear that the snare drum first starts with less hits in the first part of the intro and after that it is playing more hits. iT creates a more up tempo beat and its a very good runner up to when the vocals start. The heavy guitar riffs in this song combined with the vocal melodies and drum parts made this song my personal favorite of the album. After a lot of raw heavy thrash this song ends with a guitar solo and then 'Follow The Reader' suddenly stops. Primal Creation has created a really good balance of melodic, aggressive thrash metal music on this album. They have created their own kind of thrash and you can hear that the band is pushing themselves to new musical boundaries. The album is also very pleasant to listen to because the mastering is done well. The five members of Primal Creation are really talented musicians and I’m curious to see what this Belgian band is going to create in the future.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Extremely Dangerous
2. A Post-Truth Order
3. Please Disperse
4. Vial Play
5. Antillectual Disease
6. Follow The Reader
7. Watch It Burn!
8. Lie / Share / Subscribe
9. The Daily Noose

Self released
Reviewer: Daan Winkelhorst
Aug 16, 2021

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