Primal Fear - Delivering The Black

It has been a while since I have listened to Primal Fear, when they first started they were a true force to be reckoned with. Over the years some may say that their music kind of lost its way and became a little generic, however for this album, all is forgiven. This is extremely fresh, exciting, invigorating, no matter how you describe it or however many times you spin the release, you get the same result… near perfection. The melodies are extremely strong and coupled with Ralf Scheeper’s vocals which are some of the most consistent and best in the business, Primal Fear relate their years of experience with one hell of an album.

Trying to find quality is no problem, opening with ‘King For A Day’ exhumes power and precision, ‘When Death Comes Knocking’ has some really cool melodies and guitar work, whilst ‘One Night In December’ is a long epic tune filling the listener with many human emotions, Primal Fear know how to convey their vision. Obsessive guitar riffs, blistering solos and powerhouse drumming are all complimented with subtle keyboard sections, the best thing about this is they are there for atmosphere and do not dominate any of the tracks that they feature. ‘Rebel Faction’ increases the speed and the metal overall, these were once described as Germany’s Judas Priest, and I can certainly back up that comment, as well as touching the heights of some of Helloween’s earlier material at their 80’s peak. Primal Fear are no copycats, I give these references merely by nature of the albums consistency and quality as I have mentioned earlier. The arrangements are stronger than ever and if this album does not tickle your fancy then I don’t know what else to say. Do check out the muscular arrangement of ‘Inseminoid’ before you pass judgement though.

"Delivering The Black" is a near perfect release, I have given it full marks because it warrants more than a 4/5, its around 90% there, I love this release and I am sure that there is going to be a lot of people who agree with me. This is the way to write and record uplifting punchy pure metal tunes, the talent is amazing, the delivery is amazing, let’s hope this takes Primal Fear to the top table of metal music’s elite.


  1. King For A Day
  2. Rebel Faction
  3. When Death Comes Knocking
  4. Alive And On Fire
  5. Delivering The Black
  6. Road To Asylum
  7. One Night In December
  8. Never Pray For Justice
  9. Born With A Broken Heart
  10. Inseminoid