Primitive Graven Image – Celebrating Impending Chaos

Prepare for armageddon through the speakers! After a successful Enblackened tour with other crushing acts such as Xerat, Carpathia and Havoc, UK’s Primitive Graven Image have released their blistering follow up to the 2007 debut, Traversing the Awesome Night. If fans thought that album was brutal, then few will withstand Celebrating Impending Chaos. There’s a method to the band’s madness with their pummeling riffs along with a slight sense of melody to their work. Make no mistake though, Primitive Graven Image are set to kill and truly mean business with their music. By delivering tracks in the vein of older Emperor (minus the keyboards) and the sheer raw power of the now deceased Leviathan, there’s a sweet mix of fresh hell to be heard here.

The album opens with “Into The Godless Chamber” which features some insane drumming and vocals that just send shivers down the spine. The guitars are primarily in overdrive chug fashion with the riffs, but sometimes they’ll launch into a more melodic fashion that involve different layered chords rather than just the same ones. “March Of The Cattle” lives up to its name as it crunches away with a march-like rhythm, annihilating anything in its path, of course. The vocals are downright earsplitting; hence the Wrest of Leviathan reference. “Towards Infinite Planes” takes things in a different direction as far as rhythm goes, but the song still knows how to deliver the scorching marks in the sense that guitars just go bat shit crazy at some points and it feels like both guitarists will break their arms from the force of the performance. And yet at the same time there’s some awesome eastern melodies weaved into the solos. “War ‘Til Death” is a great anthem and “March Onward…” features not only some of the most blistering riffs that Primitive Graven Image have ever delivered, but also one of the more quiet sections of all the tracks. This strange sense of melody is actually very effective, offering an eye of the storm before going back to the slaughter. Finally, “A Gruesome Relic…” lives up to its name by delivering a very twisted track. The vocals have a sheer sense of mystic quality as the distortion has been turned up to maximum, and the guitars seem to hammer out their notes relentlessly. Everything is going so fast and so hard that the drums are a completel blur. A fitting final strike!

Primitive Graven Image is for anyone who likes their music intense but also done with precision. Celebrating Impending Chaos is certainly worth checking out for fans of Teratism or early Marduk (Legion vocal era). Sometimes is good to be blackened!

Envenomation Records
Reviewer: devilmetal747

Jun 24, 2010

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Primitive Graven Image – Celebrating Impending Chaos

  1. Into The Godless Chamber
  2. The March Of The Cattle
  3. Kings Of Infinite Space
  4. Towards Infinite Planes
  5. War 'Til Death
  6. March Onward/ Celebrating Impending Chaos
  7. Wandering Through The Wood
  8. A Gruesome Relic Of Death And Decay

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