Prion - Aberrant Calamity

Apart from guitar player in Lust Of Decay and Atrocious Abnormality, Steve Green is the creator and owner of Comatose Music. For those unfamiliar, Comatose Music is one of the most devoted to brutal death metal American labels since 2001. Prion is a brutal death metal trio from Argentina. They are in the label's roster for more than a decade and this is their 3rd album on Comatose.

The album opener 'Fictitious Form Of Stability' starts off with an anomalous riff that sounds as if from the after-"Human" period of Death to evolve to a Suffocation driven song with numerous changes of its rhythmic parts. The unholiness arising in slower parts is a total Immolation worship!

What you are going to listen in "Abberant Calamity" is brutal death metal with complex guitar work grafted with doomier/downtempo parts that get the groove on or faster rhythmical shreds that increase the intensity.

The production is massive; muddy as the genre requires, yet the instruments can be clearly heard.

Flavio Coscarella on drums is insanely good. Keeping the tonality of old school brutal death metal drumming (mid tone snare sound and fast double bass) he performs some excellent blast beats and rolls.

The vocals are gorge-deep low-end with some higher pitched gutturals and choked grunts.

Another masterpiece song I had to stay for a while is 'I'm Jonah, Sacrifice Me'. Unmatched brutality, heaviness, despair and a riff that will stick in mind for hours. The guitar work here is brilliant with slower parts intense enough to make you mosh.

'Pathological Self Destruction' syncopations make it more technical and the riffs are layered securely upon monstrous drum patterns. The basic riff has an eastern aura reminding bands like Septicflesh or Orphaned Land. The guitar phrases/leads are melodic and enrich the sound.

The last song of the album 'Slow Down' is possibly my favorite song of a very good album. It is a more encephalic synthesis with riffs straight influenced by Immolation and an overall Slayer touch.

To sum it up, Prion is an excellent brutal death metal band that deserves your attention and support.


1. Fictitious Form Of Stability
2. Irreversible Ways
3. I Remembered To Breathe
4. Unable To Discern
5. Over The Asphalt Of A New Era
6. I'm Jonah, Sacrifice Me
7. Pathological Self Destruction
8. Observed Relativity
9. The Hesse Paradox
10. Slow Down