Profanity - Hatred Hell Within

Do you remember this band ? Germany's Profanity were active during the 90's and managed to release two full-length albums: "Shadows To Fall" from 1997 and "Slaughtering Thoughts" from 2000. After that they split up but in 2014 the band returned with this three song EP called "Hatred Hell Within".

According to the info on Internet,today Profanity's line-up consists of Thomas Sartor (guitars/vocals) and Armin Hassmann (drums). Both of them are very talented musicians and the proof for this statement lies within the three tracks in the EP. The start is given by "Melting" which explodes with a drum roll followed by a burst of technical guitar riffing. Profanity are all about technical death metal and they do that pretty good. The guitar work and the bass patterns are impressive. The drums constantly change the rhythm from a galloping pace to fast blastbeats. In the opening track,the guys use some keyboard samples that add a certain Nocturnus feeling. The end comes with the sound of falling rain after which "I Am Your Soul (You Made Me Flesh)" begins with death/grind cruelty. The crazy tempo changes are here again and Armin Hassman destroys his drumkit. The complex bass/guitar parts also aren't forgotten,there are leads that are suitable for any Guitar Hero game. "Hatred Hell Within" is the final track that is filled again with instrumental mastery. The last minutes of this song are marked by the sound of bells and other effects strongly reminding of the stuff that Nile are known for.

In case you are into technical death metal played by talented musicians then this EP is highly recommended. Profanity are back to the front and I'm waiting with curiosity for their future full-length album.

  1. Melting
  2. I Am Your Soul (You Made Me Flesh)
  3. Hatred Hell Within