Profeci – Matecznik

Profeci are a black metal four piece from Poland. “Matecznik” is their debut full length release.

The band play a melodic, atmospheric slow paced style of black metal with sung and spoken word vocals, thing in the vein of later Celtic Frost or Schammasch when they stop fucking about and get on with it. It conjure up that woodland, open space wild atmosphere that Agalloch or Winterfylleth may come up with but it just doesn’t go anywhere…

There’s good stuff here like a track like ‘Wynaturzenie’ which is a truly moving song or the closing track ‘Szeol’ has an epic feel to it but the rest is a bit of a rag. At 34 minutes it feels like the album is a lot longer. Sorry folks I struggled with this one.

2 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: Joe Denby

Sep 26, 2020

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Profeci – Matecznik

review Profeci – Matecznik

1. Ciemna Góra
2. Pleśń
3. Manna
4. Wynaturzenie
5. Kir
6. Korzenie
7. Szeol


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