Psycho - The Grind Years

52 tracks of almost grinding nothing. That is what Psycho's 'The Grind Years' comes down to. It may seem like a lot of music for four years, but overall the entire album probably clocks to barely half an hour. Part of the reason is, like most grindcore of the 90s, everything was done in very short bursts of music and Psycho is no exception. Don't expect any Napalm Death or Meatshits quality extreme here; a lot of the quality here of the music is so faded and rough it makes the music hard to hear. Basically, when it comes to tracks like "Slag," "Violence," and "Roast Beef," it feels like the band went to a garage, picked up their instruments, and just jammed together like they were trying death metal for the first time. Yes, this stuff is over the top like grindcore should be, but compared to the grindcore today, it is a far cry from being as skilled or technical.

Some tracks are downright laughable such as "Garth Brooks" and "Zepplin" as these tracks barely last 30 seconds and feel like they were smudged in as brief jokes. Compared to the other tracks, they make them sound halfway decent, but that isn't saying much as the whole compilation feels like a bunch of fillers. It would have been funny if the entire album didn't seem like a joke through. If one had to pick and choose there would probably be only one decent track on the album called "Disturbed Revenge," which actually has some length to it and sounds like a gritty, old school death metal track that features some complexity and arrangement that took time, rather than being thrown together in a bout ten minutes. The vocals are usually a hit and miss, sounding like a mix of death metal and hardcore as they bellow incessantly, almost to the point of sounding whiny and annoying (nobody wants to listen to whiny growls). So, overall, if one is looking for a standard of metal that can make everything else look pretty impressive, give 'The Grind Years' a go because it will certainly grind on the ears, and not in the pleasant way either. If this is where grindcore started, one should be very happy it evolved to what it sounds like today.

  1. Mooch
  2. Fletch
  3. Stupid People 2
  4. No Decision
  5. Dead Wrong
  6. Predator
  7. Douche Bag Rules
  8. Zepplin
  9. Story Teller
  10. Roast Beef
  11. You're Next
  12. Natural Fiasco
  13. No Second Chance
  14. Mass Consumption
  15. Yawn
  16. Carnation Of Death
  17. Sore Rectum
  18. Tortured Souls
  19. Loaf
  20. Extracting Your Dimensions
  21. Drive
  22. Equity-Ecology
  23. Has Been
  24. Convulsions
  25. Sore Scrotum
  26. Nicotine Addiction
  27. Riot Grrl
  28. Psycho 4
  29. Friend Of The Family
  30. Garth Brooks
  31. Second Death
  32. Thrashold Of Pain
  33. Incinerated
  34. Evil
  35. Ignorance
  36. Celebait
  37. Spineless Corpse
  38. Crushed Genitals
  39. Disturbed Revenge
  40. Violence
  41. Garbage
  42. Humanity Lost
  43. 1,000 Miles Away
  44. Drive 2
  45. Slag
  46. Broken
  47. Fuego Y Azufrei
  48. Hoax
  49. Blinded
  50. Fish
  51. Crusted Sewage
  52. Postman

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jul 25, 2011
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