(Psychoparalysis) - Escalation

This is Progressive Death metal from Finland and this is their latest demo recording. From the opening notes of ‘The End Results In Violence’ you think that this is going to be another brutal old school Swedeath inspired piece of music, then the melodic riff overtones comes in, reminiscent of Bolt Thrower, and the powerhouse continues into music that simply takes you to faraway places. Rather than bludgeoning their way through each track, there is clear thought and a definite art for musicianship. Add to this the arrangement variations that go acoustic doom death and then fire back into life every now and again, I find this a most infectious release. In fact, this is one release I have gained double figures in the listening count before putting fingers to the keyboard. There is certainly that war-like BT feel like I mentioned earlier, I just feel completely at ease with this recording, it is something special.

‘Beyond Iris’ starts out much more progressive as the band genre tag would suggest, the tracks is still bone crushing in parts but those quieter progressive sections remind me of later Death material, not quite at the level of say Atheist, there isn’t any jazzy sections that I can make out but this is still a warming comforting piece of music, often dreamy when the solo work begins to shine. ‘Symbol of Enslavement’ is all together much more heads down death metal as previously mentioned. It still reminds me of those Coventry death metal pioneers and what I find with Psychoparalysis is that they hone their tracks to include the right level of light and shade dependant on the track length. As this final track is shorter, it’s much more to the point in terms of old heavy death metal, the earlier longer tracks have more room for experimentation and overall depth,

This is a rather good demo, I am really enjoying this style, the bands delivery shows that they are right up there at the top of their game and I feel I have to keep tabs on Psychoparalysis much more in the future, as I find this demo one of the most notable I have heard this year.


  1. The End Results In Violence
  2. Beyond Iris
  3. Symbol Of Enslavement

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 24, 2012

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