Puteraeon - The Esoteric Order

Puteraeon are a swedish death metal of a high pedigree featuring members of Inverted, Killaman and Exempt  but to name a few and boy does it show as each of these bands is a gem, Killaman being a particular favourite of mine.

This pretty much old school swedish death metal by numbers. As natives of the origins of death metal these guys have all the right tones down to a fine art. The rusty chainsaw guitar sound, deep death grunts, thunderous natural drums and distorted bass.....its all part of the package. But does anything stand out from from all the other bands out there doing the exact same? Yes and No. Its hard to stand out playing this style as pioneers of the genre Entombed and Dismember are still out there producing fine albums. But the question asked-
is this better? Well, No as i thought the last offerings from each band were absolute corkers but this is bloody good it has to be said. "Storms over devil`s reef" kicks off the album with so much power and might. Its hard to believe that the album keeps up this momentum but it does. The album is so heavy and its worth mentioning to all the purist old schoolers out there that there isnt so much as a blastbeat in the album so it properly represents the era - as some say the blastbeat is grind(?!)-well there might be one or 2 but there is a fuck load of double bass and filthy galloped riffs to satisfy any death metallers tastebuds. The theme
running throughout the album seems to be that of zombies, reanimation (see "the extraordinary work of herbert west" and "reanimation"), more zombies and graverobbing!!!

Lyrically, the words dont seem to leave the graveyard but its rather fitting for the vibe going on here. The songs on offer are bloody mighty here but i have to admit it does ware out abit towards the end of the album as it sounds as if some riffs repeat and thus requires some variety but then that would be a departure from the bands intentions wouldnt it? 13 tracks are on this album however i believe half of these could have been cut out to make a absolutely blinding e.p. The repetition towards the end of the album from about track 8 costs this album I feel though however this is a worthy listen and should be checked out by fans of the old school and fans of pure filthy tones. Worth a listen for sure!

1. Storms Over Devil's Reef            
2. Graverobber            
3. Coma            
4. Experience Zombification            
5. Whispers Of The Dead            
6. Dead Once More            
7. Castle Of Despair            
8. The Innsmouth Insanity            
9. The Plague            
10. Into The Deep            
11. The Extraordinary Work Of Herbert West            
12. Re-Animation            
13. The End Of All
Cyclone Empire
Reviewer: Connor
Jan 26, 2011

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