Putrefiance - Demo 2018

Did I just time travel to '89???? If you are a fan of crusty OSDM, this trio from Bordeaux, France is just for you. DAMN. Simply called "Demo 2018", this shit is raw, aggressive, brutal, gutteral, heavy and all the other descriptive words one would use when talking about the old school.

Musically, I can't help but think of "Slowly We Rot" era Obituary, "Eaten Back To Life" era Cannibal. Maybe even a little Rottrevore here and there. I don't know much about Putrefiance at all, but I know they have dueling vocals between their guitarist and bassist. Vocally, I hear OG Barnes at times and OG Dave Ingram at other times. Shit, why not love this?

From the opener, 'None Shall Be', you'll have to look at your calendar and check the year. I definitely don't mean this in a condescending way. The manner in which these dudes capture the feel, sound, recording......of the old school is intoxicating. The chunky riffs, heavy low end, thrash beats, d beats, blast beats, gnarly vocals.....I feel like I'm smoking bowls with my friends jamming demos by bands in this new sub genre called "death metal".

In my reviews, I usually break down certain songs and discuss at length. I have my favorites on here for sure, but this demo is as solid as demos come. So' I'll just sum it up and say this is OSDM done correctly. Not ripping off the heroes but taking influence and creating a fantastic piece of work. What I will do, is dare anyone to listen to this demo and not start growling the words 'Ritualistic Necromancy'. A tune that quickly became my favorite, and after a dozen listens, has remained so.

For the Onslaught fans, they even throw in a killer cover of 'Thermonuclear Devastation'. It's a banger!

After I purchased this demo off Bandcamp, I received an email from one of the band members thanking me for my support. Not a copy and paste email, a legit "thank you". That was truly rad. Well, Olivier, you're welcome....again. But more importantly, thank you and Putrefiance for giving the death metal world another shredder!

Stand out songs:
'Magnificent Putridity'
'Ritualistic Necromancy'
'Voices Of Pandemia'

1. None Shall Be
2. Magnificent Putridity
3. Mental Lesion
4. Ritualistic Necromancy
5. Morbid Face Of Desolation
6. Order From Malevolence
7. Thermonuclear Devastation (cover Onslaught)
8. Voices Of Pandemia

Self released
Reviewer: alexcopeland
Mar 6, 2019
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