Putrefy - Promo 2011

Brutal death metal bands from Northern Ireland aren't something you meet everyday but nevertheless here they are: Putrefy who can easily be labeled veterans because they are terrorizing the world since 1992. The guys have two full-length albums behind their backs: "Putrefy" from 2006 and "One Nation Under Gore" from 2009 but the subject of this review is a three-song promo which is a pretaste of their upcoming somewhere in 2012 third record "Knelt Before The Sarcophagus Of Humanity".

The music slaughter begins with a short symphonic intro after which Putrefy's brutal death metal explodes from the speakers with "Wading Through Human Blood". First thing that makes impression are the extremely low and deep grunts of vocalist/guitarist Connor Brown. The promo's sound is on a very good level,guitars and drums are recorded professionaly so you can hear everything that is going on. Speaking about the actual music,Putrefy have mixed the crushing guitar riffs of Dying Fetus (whose influence is obvious on the second track "The Lament Configuration") with the sheer speed of Suffocation and old Cannibal Corpse (the closing track "Smashed Down With Iron" is like a lost track from CC's "Butchered At Birth" sessions). The Putrefy guys play tight on their instruments and prove that are capable to deliver qualitative brutal death metal. You won't find anything new under the sun here but when it's played good (and in this case it is!) this style is alwayes enjoyable. I'm already waiting to hear the upcoming album.

1. Wading Through Human Blood
2. The Lament Configuration
3. Smashed Down With Iron
Self released
Reviewer: Tsvetan
Jun 15, 2012
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