Putrevore/Grim Fate - Split

4 years after "Tentacles Of Horror" the unholy alliance of Dave Rotten (Avulsed, Christ Denied... to name a few) from Spain and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Johansson & Speckmann, to name even fewer... ) from Sweden, strike back with a split 7" vinyl with Grim Fate from The Netherlands.

Putrevore side 'Titan Towers Submerged' continues in their style of fast paced death metal mixed with double bass Autopsy worship doom parts. Dave's vocals are deep gutturals and reveal his great knowledge of the genre. 'Titan Towers Submerged' is a sinister death metal song with pulsating rhythmic patters, great old school death metal riffing with twisted squeal a-la Incantation endings and sick music phrases, excellent lead guitar work and hellish vocals.
Rogga Johansson is undoubtedly a charismatic musician. For example listen to his chromatic harmonies that give a touch of excellency in sickness. At 2:40 a brilliant epic riff change adds an Immolation feeling to the song increasing the anticipation for their next album.

Grim Fate side 'Untimely Demise' grabbed my attention at first due to the lower sound levels in comparison with Putrevore's side. The production is muddy indeed, but this is a part of the death metal aesthetics after all, so it's still fine. The Dutch main riff is glorious in its old school vibe. The melodic guitar line is memorable and is performed over hidden subharmonies. A crunchy a-la Purtenance riff gives its place to early Autopsy / Incantation influenced themes. What sounds weak to my ears is the drums sound that is flat and seems overedited or not that good programmed. The lead guitar part reminded me of early Paradise Lost with its great melody highlighted by the bass. The general groove of the song is very nice. The changes from fast to doom parts are highlighted from the second guitar. An overall nice effort and a very promising band. Since they have already signed to Dave Rotten's own Xtreem Music, I am sure they will have a great future.

All in all this is a really very nice split that will appeal to all 90's death metal lovers. It is released in 120 black wax and 204 green wax handnumbered copies, so act fast.

1. Putrevore - Titan Towers Submerged
2. Grim Fate - Untimely Demise