Putrid – Antichrist Above

“Antichrist Above” is the second full length album (among a hefty pile of Splits and EP’s) from blackened thrash three piece Putrid. It’s a dark abrasive album that show some genuine song craftsmanship in a sub-genre that all too often can fall into noise for brutality’s sake. Taking the chaos of Angelcorpse and the more sophisticated parts of Morbid Angel makes an enjoyable listen.

Opening track ‘Warfare In Golgotha’ is a nice balanced song with a good choppy riff and a blistering Kerry King style solo. The album flies by with the tracks averaging 2-3 minutes, each blast through the listener and move on to the next keeping things interesting.

‘Pig Of Liars’ really shows off what the band is capable of outside of writing shredders. The 7 minute opus to a wall of feedback with a sinister melody playing building up into a wonderful dark atmospheric piece with a devastating climax.

Overall a harsh dark album with a ritualistic vibe. They manage to put apply a variety of styles and textures without ever diluting the severity of the album. If you Love Morbid Angel, Incantation with a hint of black metal then this is essential.

4 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: Joe Denby

Sep 1, 2020

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Putrid – Antichrist Above

review Putrid – Antichrist Above

1. Warfare In Golgotha
2. Antichrist Above
3. A Cursed From The Chalice
4. The Victory Of The Trident
5. The Corpse Of The Messiah
6. The Great Serpent Await Us
7. Three Nails Of Hate
8. Pig Of Liars
9. Rotting Kingdom
10. Morbid Prayers Of Death


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