Putrid Offal - Premature Necropsy

Ok, I think it was about time. The French gut splitters are a band that breathed the reek for the first time back in 1991. Couple of demos and split CDs up till 1994 and then radio silence till 2014. Yep. 20 years later those beasts of grindcore returned with an EP called "Suffering", and then on 2015 after a compilation CD, came this one. "Premature Burial" is their first full length and it really is a beast.

Definitely not for lovers of clean sounding shit or technical oriented themes. No these wolverines here were always loyal to one and only cause. Brutality. And to their ears, brutality only comes through roughness in music. Roughness translated to blastbeats, heavy riffs, deep growling vocals, song constructions that have 3-4 changes tops and a production that is deliberately itchy and not so cautious aiming to make some ears bleed. Their songs will remind the way Carcass used to play when they played goregrind/grindcore. Heavy riffs followed by a fat bass that really can't be held back, and all that get's wrapped together by crazy drumbeats that tend to blast the shit out of everything and occasionally groove and rock it up.

The old fans of Putrid Offal will feel just like home cos the French crazies just did what they know best. 13 songs-odes to pure gory grind the way they feel it. Song titles are there to prove their intentions. 'Purulent Cold', 'From Plasma To Embalming', 'Organic Excavation', 'Mortuary Garlands' and as such they carry on. "Mature Necropsy" is brutal shit I'm tellin ya. The roughness of the sound and the shriek vocals combined with the growling ones will bring them really close to old Carcass, but don't get confused. No one is talking about copycats here. After all these guys started this whole thing back in 1991. It is just the view they have on death metal and the way they like to express it that makes them have no match.

"Mature Necropsy" is an album long waited from a band that likes their shit as rough as it can get. They'll skin you alive, devour you, vomit you and then eat you again and shit you. This is their game and no matter how graphic I may sound , I like it and I am on their train. Come join sisters.

  1. Purulent Cold
  2. Garroting Way
  3. Mortuary Garlands
  4. Gurgling Prey
  5. Repulsive Corpse
  6. Suffering
  7. From Plasma To Embalming
  8. Organic Excavation
  9. Premature Necropsy
  10. Symptom
  11. Rotted Flesh
  12. Birth Remains
  13. (Outro)