Putrified - Neurotic Necrotic

In case you like your metal technical, melodic or with crystal clear production then stop reading this review. The band called Putrified is a project of A.Death - the drummer of the Swedish black metal division Infuneral. Anyway you will not find much black metal in the debut CD "Neurotic Necrotic".

A.Death has paid tribute to the horror death metal genre and the result is a recording of thirteen tracks of filthy, dirty, Autopsy-glorifying death metal. It's obvious that the main instrument of the Putrified guy is the drumkit since the drumming on this album is pretty solid. The guitar riffs are simple but just fine for the horror atmosphere of this CD. The tracks vary from fast and short ("Havoc" or "The Flesh Of God") to slower and doomy ("Monolith").

A.Death's vocals remind me of a cross between the roar of Autopsy's Chris Reifert and the insane voice of Martin Shirenc from Pungent Stench. The production is raw, the sound is like coming from the deepest crypts but this isn't annoying because you can't have oldschool death metal with artificially perfect sound right?!?

My favourite track from this album is "The Land Of The Pharoes" because it differs from the other pieces of brutality with the presence of a keyboard. "Neurotic Necrotic" is nothing new under the black sun and if you are looking for unique and original sound you will not find it on this record. But for all die-hard oldschool death metal worshipers who admire Autopsy, Necrophagia and bands of that caliber - Putrified is something you should hear. This is raw, this is dirty, this is horror death metal!

1. Neurotic Necrotic
2. They Speak
3. Behold The Butchered
4. Havoc
5. A Chamber Beneath
6. The Flesh Of God
7. Temple Of Vomit
8. Await The Slaughter
9. The Arrival
10. Monolith
11. The Land Of The Pharoes
12. Those Forsaken Lands
13. The Return Of Ashes