Rade Massaker - Satanic Zombie Hordes

Jan is a German guy who is doing all the shit by himself. This album is a collection of songs ranging from 2002 till unreleashed. A touch of Autopsy can be tasted. And ofcourse other bands too as you see his picture in the booklet. Primitve zombie death metal with deep vocals and filthy raw guitars in mid tempo based tracks. He should have done something more with the guitars to add something extra. Sometimes it is a bit too decent and could use some filth. But these are mostly old demo tracks. But in the end it is entertaining and that is what counts.

1. 666 - Kill these pigs
2. Satan is gnawing on human flesh
3. Vomit on your corpse
4. Evil seed
5. Zombie gut fuck
6. Gnawing on a rotten piece of flesh
7. Gore metal
8. Fleshdance
9. Painfull death
10. Zombie BBQ
11. Inner demons
12. Zombificated emperor
13. Endless stream of blood
14. Intro
15. Suffocation in excrement
16. Intestinal dismemberment
17. Fleshdriven
18. Drowning in maggots
19. Slow disembowelment
20. Bodyparts

Redrum Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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