Raging Speedhorn - Lost Ritual

Raging Speedhorn were formed by Frank Regan, Darren Thompson, Gordon Morison, Gareth Smith, & Tony and John Loughlin in 1998 in Corby, Northamptonshire, following the merging of the bands Soulcellar and Box. Fuelled by booze, anger & a shared love of down tuned brutality; the band quickly established itself as a major presence within the UK's metal scene & staples of the touring circuit. On early Raging Speedhorn recordings the music can be characterised by pounding basslines, heavily distorted riff-thick guitar work and subject content consisting generally (but not exclusively) of hedonism, drug-use, violence, antipathy for major band labels and depression!

Well it seems with so many new bands out there that some of the old bands seem to be forgotten, although Raging Speedhorn are not going to go down quietly for sure! And about to embark on a mini tour starting on the 13th July in their scenic hometown of Northants and finishing with the hustle and bustle of London 23rd July. And also set to release their new album ‘Lost Ritual’ 15th July, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Bring Out Your Dead – with deep ravenous chugs the brutality is instantly recognised and acted upon! If I could type while head banging I would be to this track but just want to soak up all the rigorous rhythms and remorseless vocal endeavour. Infesting body and soul the track is humongous, bursting and employing its own madness to insight a fuel filled fracas!

Halfway To Hell – The vibrancy is full on, powerful and unyielding with a superb melodic vein running through its substantial muscles. The bass has been allowed to show its healthy hooks and delivers brilliantly, while the scathing vocal tones are relentless!

Motörhead – This I could imagine being sung by the master himself and is a great tribute to a legend and by a band who really know how to throw out some inescapable abrasiveness, with the reflection being raw and catchy! It just bristles with solid creativity!

Evil Or Mental – Holds a sinister edge as it starts and continues to thrive under a sonic groove with ample surging and menace. Lyrically it throws out the familiar swearing that is all in keeping with such a monumental track! Its mighty bait is dangled in front of your face in order to antagonise the listener and that it does!

Ten Of Swords – Is steeped in prowess and rather a track that stalks its victims with a sinister guise. Its deep grooves are prevalent and run amok in a very clever way while still being chained to its twists and turns.

Dogshit Blues – Clearly the guys had a laugh while naming this track for sure! However the music is as brutal as you can expect offering thunderous riffs and powerful rhythms that possess a riveting drama and a constant roar with superb melodic beauty.

Hangman – opening up with a sizzling riff and brutal harmonies it languishes in severe barbarous inspiration. It’s slow and ambling pace does not need to be explained as it is most definitely a predatory offering that enjoys imposing its rules and that is ‘enjoy the potency!’ The harsh whispering vocal lures are harsh and unyielding.

Shit Outta Luck – Another good title, sung divinely by John Loughlin and backed up with a savage drum beat and aggressive guitars. Its rampaging madness is all-encompassing as it surges and swamps with equal snarl and pitiless intensity!

Coming Home – is very generous with the hearty melody and unpolished gruff vocal slant that blood thirstily eats you from the inside. The blend of aggression with melodic enterprise characterizes the track and the way the band write and put tracks together, in this devious way.

Unleash The Serpent – With thunderous sparks of growling bass it resonates through the speakers and enthrals. Again a low vocal whisper creeps edgily through its paces and stings the ears with a brutish irritability.

This is one compelling album that really warrants attention as it is all-out demanding and territorial in the fact it knows where it wants to be and where it wants to go. It shows true character with the couple of aptly named tracks that metal heads will relate to and no doubt will garner the band favour among them.

The magnetic forces are never far away and with the ripe riffs and deep melodies there is something for everyone to enjoy as they sling this small piece of plastic in the stereo and receive a big handsome reward!

I personally think the ritual has been found.

  1. Bring Out Your Dead
  2. Halfway To Hell
  3. Motörhead
  4. Evil Or Mental
  5. Ten Of Swords
  6. Dogshit Blues
  7. Hangman
  8. Shit Outta Luck
  9. Coming Home
  10. Unleash The Serpent

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Jul 8, 2016

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