Raise Hell - City Of The Damned

Before listening to this album just grab some beercan out of the fridge, put on your Destruction tshirt and your spikes and tune in your airguitar. And now press the play button and there we go. Thrash metal in a pure form. Not pure in the sense of originality or renewing but just cliche thrash metal and heard before riffs. Vocals are like Schmier (Destruction) and riffs you heard before. Raise Hell focused more on melodylines and took back the speed and this resulted in songs that move your neck and fist in the air. Count the standard lyrics and you have a nice metal evening!

1. Devil's Station
2. City of the Damned
3. Like Clowns We Crawl
4. Reapers Calling
5. Open Your Mind
6. Ghost I Carry
7. My Shadow
8. To the Gallows
9. I
10. Rising

Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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