Rape Pillage And Burn - Songs Of Death… Songs Of Hell

Rape Pillage And Burn was already formed back in 1997, but "Songs Of Death… Songs Of Hell" is the very first release of this Dallas, TX based old school Death Metal outfit. Consisting of (former) members of Divine Eve and legendary Dismember these 3 pretty known guys raise the flag of Death Metal. The songs are played in the typical early 90's style with precise downtuned riffs and they are also blessed with a dirty production that truly brings the old days back. The band saved that unique Death Metal spirit and reanimates this rotting corpse with a crunchy guitar sound, simple but effective drumming and deep-hoarse vocals. Even if this is really nothing new or innovative, this debut EP sounds fresh and unused and is surely suitable for every fan of Dismember, Nihilist or Carnage. Rape Pillage And Burn isn't just another faceless retro-sounding clone act, but a credible band with a clear vision and great songs, that own all necessary characteristics of the way Death Metal once was meant to be. Imagine a mixture of Autopsy and the late 80's / early 90's Swedish Death Metal movement and you're close to what the band stands for.

1. Served Cold
2. 1911
3. Faith Of The Blind
4. Wolf Code Pagan
5. With Venomous Tongues
Ibex Moon Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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